Check us out, we need a few good men (or ladies)


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Thread: Check us out, we need a few good men (or ladies)

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    Check us out, we need a few good men (or ladies)

    Still looking for a faction? Check us out we need a few more
    Active players and we have won all our battles so far today. Booted some inactive players so we have several spots open.

    We are not a super faction but we are doing okay. Just want to fill out our ranks for this 4 day event.

    We have Health Regen +9%
    Infantry defense +10%
    Ground defense +5%
    Air Defense +5%
    Sea Defense +5%
    Guild Member increase +8

    You should have minimum of 30,000 A/D but higher the better. Be active, Post on our faction forum.
    If you have cash and concrete to donate even better.

    Reply here or PM with your stats or just send faction invite code and I will look.

    Thanks for reading and hope to see some faction requests.

    Here is our faction #


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    Cool How about a top 25 Faction?

    Stop looking for a new can find a faction/team/family here....

    Top 25 in Brazil War=Operating Thetans=422291133

    That's right, we earned:

    +1% Alliance Attack bonus
    +5% Air Attack bonus
    +5% Sea Defense bonus
    +10% Defense from Defense Buildings Bonus
    +4939 Attack
    +4319 Defense

    But that's what we did, here's what we can offer YOU!

    42 members Team and Growing
    Casualty Rate: +5%
    Health Regan: +22%
    Infantry Attack: +5%
    Infantry Defense: +25%
    Ground Defense: +20%
    Air Defense: +20%
    Sea Defense: +15%
    Building Defense: +25%
    Building Output: +20%

    In addition to bonuses, we have tips, strategies and forums as to how to improve your stats. I increased my A/D and IPH by over 350% since joining the faction just under two months ago. If you enjoy the game and want to be a part of something special, look us up.

    Should be 100 plus (all members current between 140 and 200)
    A/D over 80k (min)
    Need to be able to donate at least 5 mil per day....and have a decent sense of humor.

    Send me a message at 170-724-152

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    Way to hijack a post.

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    bumping to increase post count
    Faction: MasterPlayers
    Faction IC: 632 744 846
    Infantry Defense: +20%
    Ground Defense: +15%
    Air Defense: +10%
    Building Defense: +20%
    Health Recovery Time: +15%
    Guild Member Increase: +12

    Any member is accepted, no cash donations required, only to be active on a daily basis so we could do the faction missions!

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