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Thread: Looking for top 100 faction

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    Looking for top 100 faction

    Fights Won:3844
    Fights Lost:210


    I have 24k valor, waiting on advanced air tech to upgrade. (1500+ atk/def in 5hours)

    I am a HEAVY gold spender.

    PS: Only played about 5 weeks and they are my stats
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    Still have some places left in our faction.
    Join our faction Theplayer Corp. we searching for people who plays often every day.
    Are you the one we are looking for?

    28 concrete blocks

    Use invite code 278 130 521 to join our new faction!

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    looking for faction

    i am a level 102
    all#887 and growing
    inco per hr-208493
    i play every day up to 20 times a day. in the battle for brazil i had 170000 world dom points myself.i belong to a faction right now but they were inactive. just wanting to play with players that actually play
    my id is 381-855-569 please let me know or PM me. oh i also donate almost every thing i farm. not looking to join on coat tails willing to pull my own weight. just asking for a chance.

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    Slovenian Forces top 1000 faction need active members

    Come and join us....Slovenian Forces are looking for serious members! Serious daily players are welcomed! We just want to build a strong faction. We have one open slot at the moment. We are looking for strong and serious players who are willing to contribute and be part of the team!
    We have:
    - Health Regen +9%
    - Building defense +15%,
    - Infantry Defense +5%
    - Guild Member increase +6,
    - I donate almost every hour and the other active players also
    - No restrictions or limit in donations all we want is that all the members are active.

    Please join!
    Just open the faction button enter in this code
    171 171 953
    & request to join!

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    Our faction can be top 100, we have the bonuses, just need more gold players

    You're invited to my new group 'Recruiting room' on GroupMe. Click here to join: https://groupme.com/join_group/6525616/PxOLNR

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    Dude if you are a heavy gold spender than your stats should be a hell of a lot more than that. I've been playing 10 weeks and I'm 1.5mil. I am a light spender. You're crazy if you think you can get into a top 500 faction with those stats.

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    Ill be that guy.. look at dates on posts before being an idiot..

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