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Thread: Faction Recruitment (advertise here)

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    Outcast lnc. Faction Code 226-412-118


    We use Groupme for comms, the link above takes you to our recruitment thread. If you are interested in joining us or have any questions please join the group.

    Placed 311th in Turkey, Outcasts lnc. are looking for additional members with a minimum of 2.5 mil in stats to take us to the next level. We have added already added 6 members to our guild with 46 members and two openings. We can make some room with our minis for the right candidates. All players are expected to earn at least 20k during WD events.

    We placed 371st in Chile with 30 members and 381st in Cuba with 24 members.

    Players within our faction range from free to heavy gold users scoring between 20K to over 200K in WD points. We have members from all over the world and enjoy being part of an active group, working together as a team to improve the faction and in the process our players see great gains in stats (800k for me in Raid Boss alone!)

    So if you are an active player looking to play alongside other active, dedicated players who are well organised and complete most Faction events then please give us a shout.

    PM me if you have any questions

    Faction Invite Code is 226-412-118

    Current Faction boosts are

    Health Regen 30%
    Gd Att +10
    Air Att +5
    Inf Att +15
    Inf Def +35
    Gd Def +30
    Air Def +25
    Sea Def +15
    Bld Def +20
    Bld Output +10
    Guild +28 totaling 48 spots

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    Looking for new members all welcome

    we have room for 12 new member in our faction due to members leaving for not joining In we have a lot to offer in the way of.bonuses all we ask is you join in do in faction goals fight in the battles we a getting great prizes come have a look and a chat to see how we can help you invite code 359 143 465 always a marine

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    Llads Tactical is a brand new faction looking for active players / Merge! We have 8 members at the moment but we are getting a lot of missions done and we are all very active! Our leader is 5.3mil and 6.9mil A/D and is from a top 75 faction. Myself 3.4mil and 4.5mil A/D and came from a top 400 faction. We started our own because he was sick of all the BS that comes with a Faction but still want to participate. What we want is active players to help with missions. That’s it. No donation requirements, No minimum WD points, and no A/D requirements. We just want to have fun Playing a game! If you want to join a faction that is laid back but very active, give us a try and help build something great! You have nothing to lose. If you join and find It’s not right for you; well at least you tried. Join us on GroupMe to chat. https://groupme.com/join_group/6920518/CVrh3y

    Invite Code: 651-220-764

    Health Regen -10%
    Infantry Attack +5%
    Infantry Defense +25%
    Ground Defense +15%
    Air Defense +15%
    Sea Defense +10%
    Building Defense +15%

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    Top 100-150

    Reasons to Join Cornutos:

    • A Top 100-150 faction that's looking to move forward in WD!
    • A faction that finishes most if not all events!
    • And most importantly a friendly bunch of people!

    If you're interested Our requirements are:
    • GroupMe for chat
    • Participation in all faction events
    • Minimum of 400M ATK
    • Minimum IPH: 4M
    • Minimum 40K WD points and be able to hit higher if need be.
    • We use DockBot for Intel

    PM if you're interested in joining CORNUTOS

    Bangkok T-180 / Indonesia T-103

    Argentina T-123 / Zimbabwe T-103

    Indonesia T-103

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    REC 401 ( 112- 898-091 )
    50/56 GUILD Team looking for new members..A 350 Team completing Prestige in Raid Boss and FLTQ'S. Does very well in Frontline. Line and Groupme for communication. 112-898-091

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