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Thread: Gree...please

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    Develope a way for faction leaders to see who is actually participating in a declared war. Recommendation: when a team member attacks an opponent, have the program light the Globe next to the WD points a different color.

    By the way, thank you for adding who declared war to our walls. That came in handy a couple of times.
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    All they need now...Have a tally of when people hit walls and when they attack either fail or succesful! with the notification of who declares war plus that..Oh yeah give the leader a way to send mass messages to all personal Walls! Allowing all members to get notifications on their main windows! Yup that about sums it up.

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    just trolling

    dirt on a faction, screen shots of hacking, talking about Gree helping them with faction def stats, stats with bonus inclued and nit just the raw stats and other stuff.

    My in game name is SHELL 199707092 add me

    Screen shot are uploaded on:

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