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Thread: Free Agency

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    Free Agency

    Use this thread if your a free agent looking for a syndicate!
    With that in mind:

    This is pretty short-handed. I just learned that the battle begins today. I'm looking for a syndicate hoping for a top 1000 spot. I have a great amount of experience in the WD events of Modern War. I know what I am doing. What I want to use my account for is to strictly Power Attack. If you're using this strategy, I hope you can allow me to join and not waste someone more useful.

    Ingame name is lllogicist
    Level 8
    A/D: Both around 1k each
    IPH: $1042 (Ya, I can't really donate too much.)

    Please send a syndicate invite to 475 508 124 if you are looking for Power Attackers!! Thanks.

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    Join The Grim Reapers, we have all bonuses unlocked and 30 hideouts. We are looking for 20 extra members at the moment.

    Our sydicate code is 345 149 611

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