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Thread: Looking for a spot on a Top 100 Guild

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    Looking for a spot on a Top 100 Guild

    I'm a hourly Player who will help out in the wars and can be depended on.
    Currently an Officer in my Guild, but half the team has 0 points...I don't want to work hard for half the team to get prizes for doing nothing!
    My attack is 110K --> Def is 113K (Level 81, so I will only get stronger)
    My Income per Hour is $16,300, so I can easily donate +$100,000 daily.

    If you finished in the top 100 in this war, please respond to this tread with your Player ID and Faction Bonuses. Thanks.

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    I have PM'd You
    Band of Barbarians - ranked 65th in last war!

    A Group of 48 (and growing) daily players. Looking for daily active players with high stats and a willingness to donate 100K per day minimum to the cause.

    Current Bonus's
    Guild member increase +28
    building upgrade Speed +23% (maxed)
    upgrade cost +23% (maxed)
    Casualty rate reduction +14% (3/5)
    Health Regen +19% (4/5)

    If your interested PM us prior to sending join request

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    BlackOps Guild

    I am the founder of BlackOps Guild. We recently placed 35th in Dragons Roost.

    We are a 40 member cohesive team with plenty of bonuses and a solid war strategy.

    You can learn more about us at our website BlackOpsGuild-KA.enjin.com

    Now, indeed your stats are on the low side but we can help you increase your stats pretty quickly. The question I have for you is if you are a gem player? If so, what is your expected gem usage during war.

    Now that we have shed some dead weight, we are sure we will be in the Top 25 and are hoping for Top 10 in this upcoming war. Unfortunately, Gree has ensured gem usage is required for top tier placement.


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