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Thread: Event: Twelve Assassins

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    I think they each took 4-5 refills. Really surprised if you get to them.
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    Close to having all the cards drop together, Gree, "Cards". Keep up the great work and get those Hackers out, I did call for this last year before KA started.
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    For the last 3 weapons; harmonic staff, forceful bow, and thorn of the drake, do you guys know which can be used by the warrior class? I think it is thorn of the drake but I'm not sure.

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    Date for War

    So after this LTQ maybe we will have some better indication of date for war.

    Is there ANY reason why we have to be kept in the dark?

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    Assassins: The Voice (normal mode)
    1/4 Legionnaire Guard (Armor 37/65)
    2/4 Lord of Arachnids 1380/926
    3/4 Will of the master (Weapon 57/47)
    4/4 Ceol, the Voice (Magic 1371/1122)

    Is anyone able to confirm what classes the armor and weapon are?
    I have nearly finished killing meridia, the Viper, and wondering if the items will be useful to me for the next KA LTQ

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crosshooks View Post
    I have been going through the latest event but have come across a problem. I have got to the cursed graveyard but when i go there to take on the enemy nothing shows up. I cNt see any creatures to fight neither can i see my own character This is the second event that this sort of thing has happened but i get nothing back from Gree when emailed from with in the game. I currently have emailed them about this 4 times with no reply as to how to fix this. Does any out there have an idea
    Yes, I've encountered this. It just has to due with server lag. I get out of the game, clear from memory and relaunch app to fix. It has worked every time on my WiFi iPad. If device is having memory issues, you may need to power it off and on. If you have a different device, same procedure should still work. GL!

    Note: You also need to be sure you are linking to the next quest map properly. -OP- explains how this works in post #101 above.
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    Updated original post again. I just realized I'd forgotten Assassins: The Voice II rewards.
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    Completed it on heroic with about 2 hours to spare. Between this and the epic event I went up about 40 levels. Probably will sit out the next few events and just camp.

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    Finished The Sword on heroic. Quite satisfying as I did not use any gems and leveled up only twice.

    Hopefully there will be better weapon and armor next time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mickeytah View Post
    2/4 Sapphire Tarragon (Beast 3,452/2,810)
    3/4 Thorn of the Drake (Weapon 89/79)
    4/4 Magnus, the Twin (Magic 3,720/3,044)

    Grand Prize II: Master Assassin (H) (Infantry 4,590/3,060)

    Oh man!? I missed 4 of these unit cause i passed out & fallen asleep last night. Thats sucks for me. I hope they will give out this unit in future LTQs...
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