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Thread: Event: Twelve Assassins

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gambit12 View Post
    Oh man!? I missed 4 of these unit cause i passed out & fallen asleep last night. Thats sucks for me. I hope they will give out this unit in future LTQs...
    if it makes you feel better Gambit that happened to me 2 ltqs ago
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    Quote Originally Posted by Perfuzzie View Post
    if it makes you feel better Gambit that happened to me 2 ltqs ago
    For real!? Which ones did you miss Perfuzzie..?
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    I stalled out at 1/4 Assassins: The Twins on normal mode, and finally caved and used a couple energy refills to finish that one level. Unfortunately I am warrior class and cant use the Blades of Force (Weapon 59/49). I really wish GREE would list the class for weapons and armor.

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    With rare exceptions, you can tell from the picture which class can use which item. Most pairs of blades (dual wield), bows, daggers, and assassination sounding names are for rogues. Most humongous two handed swords and maces, and glory/honor names are for warriors. Staves, scepters, wands, and small swords, and wizardly/magic names are usually for mages. There have been notable exceptions, the most recent of which was Cupid's Bow, but that was a collect 10 reward.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shinazueli View Post
    I think they each took 4-5 refills. Really surprised if you get to them.

    Got tough eater this morning an hour before the end of the LTQ.

    But was very close one.

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