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    Join team skip


    Good group of members not too strict.

    Solid mid level members required. if you are sick of being one of the few in your faction doing the work, we need you. Dead wood has held us back so we have removed the dead wood and want to move a long way into that top 1000 during the next war. We have recruited some excellent new members, but still have some spots open. We have a good core of daily players that we are building on. We are all on several times a day, donating at least once per day. Have to be prepared to spend more time on during wars. we want people who will contribute opinions as well as money and concrete. Your numbers are not as important as your willingness to work for the team. Send us request, or PM me.

    Team Skip. 921684546
    Leader: Ace

    Health regen: 14%
    Infantry def: +20%
    Ground def: +15%
    Air def: +10%
    Sea def: +5%
    Building def: +20%
    Building output: +12%
    Guild member increase: +12
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