Pun, as in a joke. But we are no joke. Top 750, and only 1 man away from top 500!
We are expanding, didn't have to cut anyone! Space is limited! We take free bees and gold spenders!

Original Gangsters from way back, remember the 90's? Old Entlish 40's and Old Gold cigs... What a time to be alive! It still is here, we got Old E in stock! Hand rolled cigars made by children in climate controlled sweat shops! Be treated like a King here!

No stress
No limits
No wimps

Just reliable people having fun! Must be daily active and donating. (No restrictions)
Health Regen time -10%
Infantry Defense 20%
infantry Attack 5%
Ground Defense 15%
Air Defense 5%
Sea Defense 5%
Building Defense 20%
Building Output 10%
Good looks 90%
Sex Appeal 300%
2 for 1 tacos!
Lumber! By the chord.
Toast falls buttered side up! Don't be caught with sand in your toast!