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Thread: The Hit Lists: Progress Log

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrMokum View Post
    O **** that then...that wasn't stated properly on the prize announcement...never buying a bar of gold again...what a con...
    Of course it's not fair, but it's Gree.

    That's why you should always come check out the forum and read through the threads before spending your money. This was mentioned days ago, in this very thread.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MrMokum View Post
    Yeah, stupid me, I just signed up now. But basically if what you are offered is not what you are getting and you have to read a forum for the fine print you are getting conned. So screw this damn game.
    Technically the splash screen with the car stated "elite mode" but this is very misleading for a new style of event. Only peeps keeping up with this forum thread or are familiar with MW had a clue.

    Edit: post #100! Senior member, woohoo! DO I get a Doomsday frag?

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