suggestions for group chat?


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Thread: suggestions for group chat?

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    suggestions for group chat?

    Hi friends,

    Any suggestions for group chat? for better communication between members of the guil?

    I use Groupme Now, but is necessary the phone number.. And people do not like that.

    Thanks for your help...

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    Create a forum

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    Groupme and kakao talk is the best choice i have even used,and webchat also does great!

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    Our guild are using kakao but this is only an option since player like me who does not have a cell phone cannot have this app. It would be good to have a forum reserved only for chatting. Anyway, it does not serve anything to see donation alert since we have a donation log.
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    my guild uses palringo - availiable on all platforms and pc. infact it is easier on a pc as you can have the game going on your phone and palringo running on laptop at same time.

    works well - stable software
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    Nimbuzz works fine on both iphone and ipad. We use it a lot.
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    We use Groupme, I made a group just for folks here to test out and I answer questions about it. Email me from my profile and I can send you the link or check back in threads I have replied it is posted a couple of pages back.

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