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    If anyone heard of the game knights and dragons: rise of the dark prince they'd think only little kids play it.
    As I have never really had a proper conversation with a fair amount of the people from the forum I really have no clue what the age range is on here and what type of people play it.
    Ill start us off and tell yous that I am 16yo, average teenager - just another number. Have a social, a little less now with my GCSEs coming up, but that means more K&D time.
    What I like to do in my spare time is chill, game, chill with friends and just have a pretty good time... When it comes to music - you can figure out for yourself -->
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    Name's Kimo,
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    Hey, Keymoe. I'm 13 years old. I'm asian but born in Australia
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    Hey everyone, im skydragon16, and new to mobile gaming, i have experience with many games related to League Of Legends. I am 16 years old, addicted to gaming, listed to OF, and a new die hard K&D player.

    Good luck in the Stubborn Standoff everyone!

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    21 and student. Mostly playing for fun, as a break between my studies and researches. But why dont I have the privileges to make my own threads? Buuuuu!

    Do I need a certain amount of posts first, or do the forum admins have a very long lunch break?

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    I am in America and I also wondered if this was a kids game. I am a stay at home mom with alot of time on my hands. I started playing it when i ran out of things to do in another gree game. I seem to like it and this was the only game that still worked for me last week when my wi-fi went out.
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    Hey man

    21 canada attending school living life with the girly n friends
    Hey iam usualy on 17. Hrs a day frequent im killing my guild rn doin the best went from level 50-79 in 2 weekz n a half just wondering if there is anyone outthere that has a line messenger so we can chat if so pm me on here please

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    2 more posts til thread opening

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    Yay, able to open my own thread

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    22, Australia, also make my own music.....
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    thats really cool man

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    Hey, Keymoe. I'm 13 years old. I'm asian but born in Australia

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    There are quite a few older folks around here. Married/older/with children. There's actually a father's and Commanders thread in the General section.

    The age range seems pretty vast. It's easy to play, difficult to master, like any good game. So you can get a full gambit. I like most that there is a huge range of geographical influence. A lot of people from the whole world.

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    im 18 and a college student but i see a lot of married people which is kind of weird... guess everyone likes games these days.
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    I'm 13 but what i'm wondering is how old is Eunochorn and the Wise One?
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    Add this guy cuz he's cool and stuff. It would be awesome if you would.

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    Is it 10 posts before you can make you own thread? or more? Can anyone tell me please
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