health regen and energy bonus not work and the list


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Thread: health regen and energy bonus not work and the list

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    health regen and energy bonus not work and the list


    I know you posted there was alist you guys were working thru....what is the resolution?

    1. How will we be compensated.
    2. When will it be completed
    3. Can you not create another item that has the same boost but not attack or defense stats....and add it to our inventory?
    4. has the long term effect of this been considered for your customers.....refunding the gold spent...only gets the gold back even....but dosent deal with the fact we now have a currency (game gold) that we can not spend on the item we wanted....unless you give a cash refund we arent really back square, also the fact that peopele planned to use these bonuses in the later events to help complete boss events, ltq, adn of course battles.....for those of us that have limited funds to play the game we have to invest in the item that will give us the longest term gain.

    I understand why the units cant stack,

    Say for instance they (the heatlth regen and energy units) are coded like the faction boost bonus for health regen in the way of 1/6ths..that would mean the ones in prior events would be impacted and those folks may have not gotten the new units..what if the original code on the unit was rewritten to 60% and each unit counted 1/3 rd...that way the people with just one would still get 20%effect and those with all three could get the same full effect they won, will that work.?
    Health Regen 35%
    infantry attack 35%
    infantry defense 35%
    Ground attack 35%
    Ground Defense 35%
    Air Attack 35%
    Air Defense 35%
    Sea Attack 35%
    Sea Defense 35%
    Building Defense 35%
    Building Output 35%
    Guild member increases + 40

    The Fisher Clan (a private invite only faction for families)

    My Id 649 796 085
    My id 716 502 654
    12.8 billion iph
    3.6 bb attack
    6.26 bb defense

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    Good luck with getting an answer

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    There wont be other units now as some have got 300 gold, one member out of about 15 has got the gold in my faction, to be honest I don't want the gold... It doesn't come close to the reason I played on to get those specific extra units, the member who did get the gold sent a ticket shall I let the other members that want to claim the gold to send tickets as well?

    There is so much confusion over these matters...


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    GREE does not care

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    Quote Originally Posted by United Nation of Foxes View Post
    Good luck with getting an answer

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