TOP 150 needs to fill 10 spots!


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Thread: TOP 150 needs to fill 10 spots!

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    TOP 150 needs to fill 10 spots!

    Assassin Nation- We have consistently been in the top 150 including top 100 (58th & 76th). We are looking for strong active players who are hungry for a top 100 spot. Minimum of 40k+ IP, if you can achieve this than stats won't matter. After all, the battles are about points right? Also, you must download the free app groupme, this is our only form of communication during battles.

    We would also entertain a small merger into ours. So those of you who keep finishing out of the top 250 come join us. We are a laid back group and we try to uphold a stress free environment. Dont miss out on these awesome prizes anymore! PM or reply here if you are interested. Lets talk!

    Fight Respect Payout: 25%
    Jobs Payout +25%
    Car attack: +20%
    Car defense:+25%
    Building output:+25%
    Melee Attack:+25%
    Melee Defense:+25%
    Gun Attack:+15%
    Gun Defense:+25%
    Armor Attack:+25%
    Armor Defense:+25%
    Explosive Attack:+25%
    Explosive Defense:+25%
    Building Defense:+25%
    Hideout Health:+25%
    Hideout Damage:+25%
    Influence Increase:+25%
    Syndicate member increase:+40%
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    Still room for 6 more!

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