Yesterdays Boss Glitch


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Thread: Yesterdays Boss Glitch

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    Yesterdays Boss Glitch

    Has anyone else still affected by the glitch?

    My iPad account reset back to Level 1 fine, but my iPhone is still stuck starting @ L18 despite many reboots, restarts and goat-related sacrifices.

    Both devices are at the same Version/build level.

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    Mine reset, but I got all the bonus units for free! So I got the beat epic boss 5 times, 10 times, etc. etc. all at once!

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    mine reset fine to lvl 1 yet i get to keep the units thru lvl 35 whether i get back to that lvl or not - i cant win them a second time as that challenge says i need 40 before next unit

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    Same here, got all units up to 35 wins.
    (AKA Tarzan)

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