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    Level 38 clan Synergy recruiting!

    We have 4 spots available for lvl 100+ active memebrs. He have 26 armor bonuses and have played top 20 in both tourneys with less than half of our memebrs active. All of our current memebrs are over lvl 100 with 2 of us well over lvl 200. Each member has at least 1 epic armor and most have more than one. If you are active and can participate in tourneys, we would love to have you. Apply to clan name Synergy.

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    Aug 2013
    Georgia, USA
    is this for Android?
    LVL 35 of wicked wrath, lvl 36 of armor of notus, lvl 18 of aegis of the fallen, lvl 36 on slimbane battlegear, lvl 15 of CloudKings Finery

    I am open to how to upgrade faster as well if you think I should continue upgrade the three main 30+ armors or just upgrade all 5 as I can.

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    I'm lordjsyr XBBGCYBQN and lvl 93 1645 1864 can I join???

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