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Thread: Honorary Unit for Lady Moppi

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    Honorary Unit for Lady Moppi

    I humbly ask Gree developers to consider another honorary unit to a fallen lady : Lady Moppi. Lady Moppi was in love with this game, she had three active avatars all completed all quests in record time even before I even knew there was one active. She played this game with passion and raided every uncollected building out there . She was feared by her rivals but loved by her friends who knew her. She played with honor and observed fair play .. ..she was a mentor to lots of players.. Dear KA community, kindly join me in asking Gree to honor another fallen player with an honorary unit
    thank you in advance for your consideration gree.
    names on the petition:
    -OM- RK and all Royal Knights guilds ( RK1, RK2, RK3, RK4, RK5 ) - 250 players
    - Ninja RK ( TFS)
    -The Raiding Knights TRK and TRK2 ( 58 players and 50 players)
    - Murder of Crow ( MoC) 50 players
    - Botrone and all the Squirrels guilds ( TFS, TSI, BOS, AOJ) over 200 players
    - LON 60 players
    - British warlords 40 players
    - Fernando efens
    - Chaotic Minds ( Lady Moppi original guild) 44
    - DExter Morgan and all the FUN family ( FUN1, FUN2, FUN3 )
    - FKG guild all members
    - Big R guild 50 members
    - Spectral Agony family ( SA1, SA2, SA3, SA4, SA campers, SA assassins)
    - Helvius Pertinax and Warrior Realms
    - BlackOps family ( BO, BO5, BO7)
    - GFour and TGK guild ( 50 members )
    - Kingdom Giants (32 members)
    - THOR.
    -AllFather odin
    - clementine
    - the knightmares guild ( 40 members)
    -Valheru Guild (42 members )
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