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Thread: Looking to join a faction

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    Looking to join a faction

    Hi,lvl 163 1m att,1m def...if you intrested let me know..and let me know where you finished last war etc...thank you

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    U.S Black Ops is currently recruiting. We are a group of friendly people looking for someone to GROW and have FUN with us. We are in top 500 but dead weights and campers push us back to top 1200.We are currently booting out inactives so we got space for more or less 12 people. We have a solid, loyal active cores in our faction. Come and earn great units with us!

    We are not a military strict faction, we keep the fun in the game and prevent hostile or harassing environment but we are not allowing campers and dead weights! We are seeking for active and team players! Mergers are very much welcome too.

    Here is our requirements:
    - MINIMUM of 75K battlepoints in tournament of factions.
    - MINIMUM donation of only 10% of your weekly income.
    - Must download a free app called " group me" this is mandatory.
    - Stats should be 3-4 times of your level (example: LEVEL 100 SHOULD HAVE A STAT OF 300K or 400K with or without your current faction boost)

    *** Look at the benefits for joining or merging with U.S BLACK OPS.
    - Health Regen Time : -26% ( helps alot in beat the boss event and war)
    - Infantry Defense: + 30%.
    - Ground Defense: + 20%.
    - Air Defense: + 15%.
    - Sea Defense: + 10%.
    - Building Defense: + 30%.
    - Building Output: + 10% ( It will be 15% after 3-4 days).
    - Ground Attack: + 10%.
    - Infantry Attack: + 10%.
    - Guild Member Increase: +22.


    SEND REQUEST TO: 110329046 U.S Black Ops. Thanks!

    ***TEAMWORK and COMMUNICATION is the key! We rather have a member with a low stats rather than a strong one but inactive or barely communicating. Strong players or weak players, gold user or non gold user everybody is welcome as long as you are ACTIVE. COME AND GROW WITH U.S Black Ops!

    Our Rankings:
    War in Mexico is a wake up call for us- 1162


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    Top 150

    Finished top 150 last war
    1 NEW spot just opened up for top 150 in(THE COLD ARMY)

    If interrested please reply with lvl and stats. will reply back within 24hrs

    We are looking for active players to join a fun faction. During World Domination we are always shooting higher than our last place due to our experience and that we are active 24/7 thanks to players all around the world. All we need for another jump is killers!

    Our requirements are:
    1. Must be active during WD, Boss event and FLTQ, Any Faction missions.
    2. Communicate,on (Group me) is required !!!
    3 .Stats att/def: min 800k
    4. 5x IPH a day,
    5. Strive for 30k min, on WD
    NO FREELOADERS!!!!!!!!!!

    No gold required. but welcomed.
    Have fun because it's a game and life comes first !

    We have increased our faction after our last war and have 1 free slots. Next war we aim NO LOSSES

    We are very knowledgeable and will teach players things they may not know about the game! Come and join the hottest faction out there!

    Faction code: 214-255-620
    Not interested in mergers!
    Our defense leader has good stats : over 3mil. and uses alot of gold.
    Health regen: -30%
    Building output: +5%
    Infantry att/déf: 15% / 30%
    Air att/déf: 10% / 20%
    Ground att/defense: 15% / 25%
    Sea def: 20%
    Building defense +20%
    Guild member increase +30

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    Come join the family United Elites of America wants you...we finished top 100 every war but one, 91 in Mexico with only 47 on roster, and not all were active. We require groupme or line, no gold requirement, 60k wd. We've finished every fltq and at least five days of every boss mission...I forget the donation requirement, but that is the least of our needs..bonuses are:

    Health regen -30%
    Ground attack +20%
    Air attack +15%
    Infantry attack +30%
    Sea attack +15%
    Infantry defense +35%
    Ground defense +35%
    Air defense +30%
    Sea defense +30%
    Buliding defense +35%
    Building output +30%

    PM me if interested.

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    So send a reply to our faction
    Want to unleash Mayhem on a daily basis? Then join the Mayhem Training Academy Invite ID 387018350
    What we offer:
    Health Regen -26%
    Infantry Attack +10%
    Infantry Defense +25%
    Ground Defense +20%
    Air Defense +15%
    Sea Defense +10%
    Building Defense +25%
    Building Output +10%
    Guild max size of 36 members
    1 Billion in weekly cash donated.

    Must be able too use Groupme.
    Be active player! Simple

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    USA #1 is currently looking to fill some spots
    We got rid of all our inactive players to make room for new ones
    Most of our players are over one mill att. and def.
    no gold usage required but it's up to you we have some that are users.
    We were a too 500 team slipped out of it last war due to low participation.
    We have many bonuses they are:
    Health regain 30%
    Ground att. 10% def 30%
    Air att. 10% def 25%
    Infantry att. 15% def 30%
    Sea att. 0% def 20%
    Building def 30%
    Building output 15%
    Guild +24

    If you are interested our faction Id is 709479715
    Also if you want more information you can join the groupme room https://groupme.com/join_group/62184...uf?source=Copy
    Also we may be interested in a merger with a smaller faction

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