passing of nelson mandela


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Thread: passing of nelson mandela

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    passing of nelson mandela

    Real life is often lost in a game but a moment to remember or great world leader that just passed I belive is appropriate. Someone mentioned that south africa might be the next country after this....if so I hope gree dosent have some tastless part....but lets hope for the best ....he was a great and humble man I feel we could all learn something from.

    Maybe gree can make a unit to honor him that gives +5energy or some way to honor him in a future event
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    +1 He was a great man
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    Really sorry to hear the bad news, he was a great man. On a brighter side ,It's great that Zuma and mbeki the two worst presidents of south Africa are on the government area map as Zuma mbeki and you get to kill the f&@$

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    World Icon! Man of the World! +95 ! He will be missed!
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    Father of South African democracy, you will be remembered, honoured and respected for all of time.

    Rest in Peace

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    There's a section in the forums called "off topic."

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    Madiba became a legend now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blade of 3 View Post
    There's a section in the forums called "off topic."
    Clearly this is a more important topic and does not belong in off topic. Nelson was a great leader and persevered through the apartheid with his country by his side and too this day south Africa is a better place because of him.
    You will be missed nelson.

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