Whats the max level in crime city?
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Thread: Whats the max level in crime city?

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    Question Whats the max level in crime city?

    Does anyone know the max level for this game??


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    Highest I've seen was 90
    256 620 593

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    521 994 262

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sphinx View Post
    Highest I've seen was 90
    WTF? really? i thought this game just came out...well i leveled up to 37 in four days

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    lol I saw level 200

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    GameCenter's highest achievement is level 200, so we still have months of gameplay ahead. There's also new areas after Russian District since last update, so my guess is there's more of that coming up too.

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    Level 122 Mafia Code: 592 982 757

    Syndicate Code: 840 589 777
    Syndicate Name: HRK

    Very strong Syndicate, with Billions of dollars, 95 out of 105 Bonus upgrades and counting, a ton of hideouts, Every day total donations consit of Billions of dollars, and hundreds of Bricks. For High Level and experienced players ONLY, because we are one of the best Syndicates out there

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    This guy is awesome!

    Quote Originally Posted by murf View Post
    Dippy, may be a little harsh in this thread, but he's right...

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    Highest I've seen was level 250.

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