Thank you to VFF Family
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Thread: Thank you to VFF Family

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    Thank you to VFF Family

    I want to give a big "Thank You" to the entire extended VFF Family. You guys really helped us Tramps out yesterday and it's great to be part of such a group!

    And to Gree - nice job, very fun event.

    (and if anyone is looking to join a great team, there are openings at Lima, Alpha, and Tramps. Check the recruiting pages for info)


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    VFF was Always a helpful faction , high thumbs for you guys , keep the good work and good reputation
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    Quote Originally Posted by amir1974 View Post
    VFF was Always a helpful faction , high thumbs for you guys , keep the good work and good reputation
    IF, just saying IF GREE will do anything hurt this type of kind heart help, I myself will quit the game immediately!

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    VFF Rocks!!

    (Alpha has open spots)

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    Can't say enough about the help VFF Lima received from members from many VFF factions. It was a lot of fun getting to know folks and rekindling friendships. It also says a lot about the VFF family to have people who are VFF alumni that moved on to other factions stopping by and offering to help.

    Really a great set of people who understand the bigger picture in this game. Having fun and making friends.
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    No problem guys. Always welcoming people to our ranks! It was a lot of fun helping everyone. Thanks for the thread.
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    It was nice having VFF family members join us during several events to help and it was just as great going out there and helping other VFF factions when I had the opportunity to help. Way to go VFF family.

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