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Thread: arena misses

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    Quote Originally Posted by Reversal View Post
    Quick question:

    Do you guys/girls actually know what the chance is to miss an attack?
    I personally feel it's round about 10-20%ish.
    i think gree keep it in scrret

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    My roommate and I calculated each others misses. On average he misses 0.5 times a fight; I was missing 1.75 times a fight (Both calculated with 100 fights both fighting friends and in the arena).

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    seems like whenever they miss i miss too right after or vice versa

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    One of my guildmates in this current war missed 5 times in a roll. I also see the defender hit more crits and miss a lot less. In one 5 energy arena I totalled my misses to their misses and it was that I missed 9 times to everyone I fought only missed 2 times. I should start keeping track for like a week worth of fights and see what my findings are.

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    I got 10 point "miss hits "for all
    people's lie about miss hits in war
    Energy par give you 4 attacks so just find someone with weak armors or attack the gate
    If that against your ego join low rank guilds .
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    When I get the free time I will do around 10 runs of 100 strikes without Special Attacks to see how much we'll hit or miss.
    I believe that after that we'll be safe to assume the percentage of missing or hitting.

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