Looking for some great players to come join us since we are rebuilding our group. We've been top 75 at our peak but have been slipping lately. Last couple of wars we were top 150 until this one. We decided to try a streak team but didn't have the right mix and fell short of our goal.

You must be active, most of us are on all the time. We use Line to communicate and being a team player is a must. Minimum stats are 4 mil attack/defense but prefer 5+ mil. We have no donation requirements, you just have to be active and put the team first. We all donate but don't require you to donate every day sine we want you to grow your base too. Gold is not a requirement but very welcomed.

Some of our bonuses:

Building Defense 7/7
Health Recovery 7/7
Guild Bonus 18/20

Infantry Defense 7/7
Ground Defense 7/7
Air Defense 7/7
Sea Defense 6/7

Infantry Attack 5/7
Ground Attack 4/7
Air Attack 4/7
Sea Attack 2/7

If you are interested let me know.