Currently 49/60 but and make some more room if needed

Working level 8 faction HQ

No set minimums. We just ask you donate what you can and participate in events that are to be expected with your players stats

Invite code 341923314

Casualty rate -30%
Health regen time -30%
Fight valor payout +10%
Ground attack +35%
Air attack +35%
Infantry attack +35%
Sea attack +35%
Infantry defense +35%
Ground defense +35%
Air defense +35%
Sea defense +35%
Building defense +35%
Building output +45%
Guild member increase +40
Lockbox open rate +3
Double pvp loot +3%
Double epic boss loot +3%
Double raid boos loot +3%

We communicate through the groupme app, please feel free to come in and chat of you have a faction looking for a merge or are just an individual player looking for a good home

You're invited to my new group 'SAS PLACE TO BS' on GroupMe. Click here to join: