Need help getting the +1 FLTQ unit?


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Thread: Need help getting the +1 FLTQ unit?

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    Need help getting the +1 FLTQ unit?

    I don't mind gaining the XP and have the buildings required for all levels. If you can get me a US iTunes gift card of any amount I will spend all of it in your faction towards the FLTQ goal and will do the math to prove all was spent towards the FLTQ. I will also donate all intel folders gathered. Just trying to help and I don't mind the XP. I know a lot of accounts don't have all the required buildings upgraded. I don't need to stay for the prize unit as my faction will finish it.

    Email me at or use that email to find me on groupme.

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    Ive never seen someone resort to begging on the forum before. That's essentially what this is... so your current team isnt good enough to do it and your too poor to join a team and help one that can. Why would someone send you money over someone in their faction that they know 1000x better?

    I hate to ask but did you actually think this was a good idea and that people would be sending you money?

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    Why would someone buy you a gift card to help them out? They'd be better off just buying their own gold, pointless.

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    Hahaha. Why would someone buy a card and give to you? Im sure if they did that they could give it to someone in their own faction first. Smh. If it works out for you congrats.

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