gree make raiding little easier more fun


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Thread: gree make raiding little easier more fun

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    gree make raiding little easier more fun

    It get boring trying find decent target .... Than got people get raided over and over cause basically there nobody else to raid. My question is there anything in works for better raiding ? Like a filter so can select only high iPh exp. 10 mil 20 mil iPh than maybe make raid list like lvl 100-150 15 1-200 so on once raid target can't raid him again for week .. People getting tired looking died acct wiyh iPh of 100k I think make raiding people wouldn't get picked on

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    alot of high iph such as my self make it boring for u all on purpose we put our buildings on timers and will never get personally on a 11 month raid free streak except for when i do a upgrade and have to leave it out to resync up..i dont count the 12s as raids they get pennys from me all my income is in the

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    haha you just need to look harder . Really makes raiding worth it again...You can gain massive stats if you have some good targets

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    Be careful what you wish for. If it becomes too easy to raid because they cheapen the mechanism players will just stop resetting their buildings like has happened in CC.

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