OFU is looking for daily active players

Groupme required

No minimum donations, but we do keep track.

We monitor the following for overall participation.

Event execution bosses, FLTQ, raid bosses etc
Donations (we have donations drives to make bonuses)
Block donations
WD participation

*Stats looking for minimum 1.5 million attack and defense or higher per 10 levels*. (So if you are level 100 your stats would be 15m/15m)

If you are close please still inquire.

We finished Top 400 last war.
Looking to improve to 250 and steadily improve the right way by building a strong core of members and building accounts the right way, but letting members choose how they build. Personal responsibility.

Faction invite code - 506-465-875

Current faction bonuses

Infantry +30%
Ground +20%
Air +20%
Sea +10%

Defense - all maxed out.
Infantry +35%
Ground +35%
Air +35%
Sea +35%
Building defense +35%

Building output +30%
Health regen -30%

Tkachukers - forum recruiter for OFU and CRP.