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    Forums Finest Fighters Top 25/50 wins

    Hi there,

    Are you looking for a continuous top 25 team( top 10 if the prize warrants the spending) and a team that gets 50 wins EVERY TIME? Then look no further.

    Come join this incredible team of great people, with ZERO drama, lots of fun, and the BEST leadership I have ever seen! Ever since I have had the privilege of fighting with these guys it has been an treat!

    We complete ALL factions events including raid boss and LTQs, and whatever else gree decides to throw our way!

    We require solid stats vs your level, and a min of 100k points.

    Send me a PM and I will hook you up with our interview squad, we use Palringo for comms.


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    We go for top 10 for the right prize too, just can't justify spending the extra money for a useless unit/boost.

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    Bump to the top. Already on 17/29 on raid boss masters goal

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    Four spots just opened up.

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    Bump proud member of FFF

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