Looking for a top 100 faction


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Thread: Looking for a top 100 faction

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    Looking for a top 100 faction

    Looking for a top 100 faction stats are level 164 raw 80m attack and defense. Pm

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    Dec 2013
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    Recruiting for a faction with great leadership and members...Mission Accomplished!!!

    Mission Accomplished is looking to fill a few spots and is ready to push our way into The Top 100 in next WD.

    We complete all Faction Goals first. We are a Second Family, not just a team.

    We expect all members score a minimum of 30K during wars and full participation in faction events. We use GroupMe for communication in events. Gold use is not required, but very much appreciated!

    Go to our Recruitment room in Groupme for an interview, tell them Kamikaze sent you!!

    Pissheads on Tour
    Health Regen -30%
    Infantry Att 20%
    Infantry Def. 35%
    Ground Att 15%
    Ground Def 35%
    Air Att 10%
    Air Def 30%
    Sea Att 5%
    Sea Def 20%
    Building Def 30%
    Building O/P 20%
    Guild Inc. +30
    Add Me Alliance Code 487352274

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