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Thread: faction for raid boss

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    faction for raid boss

    Looking for temp faction to get higher level raid bosses. Faction attack 106m, raw attack about 100m

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    True gumps recruiting
    True gumps want you

    We are a new faction which has only been around for a short while.
    We finished in 850s in full assault and 1100s in Armenia
    FINISHED TOP 750 in ZAMBIA and Greece and 600 in mini WD in Indonesia
    We have 26 active players and have 5 spot open.

    Ideally looking for players in Far East but open for world wide players.
    Min WD 20k
    Gold not an issue
    Stats min a+d 15million.

    Bonuses so far.

    Health regen max
    Infantry attac. +15%
    Infantry def. Max
    Ground def. Max
    Ground atta. +10%
    Air def. +25%
    Sea def. +20%
    Building def. Max
    Cash bonus. +25%
    Guild +12
    Air attack +5%

    If you are looking for a fun open active faction give us a try.
    We use LINE APP

    Faction code. 348-718-246
    We have 5spots.

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    We are on 90s at present

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    After Hours is on 22/27 Prestige Faction event. We have six open seats. Come help if you would like. 697241677

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    409450436 26/27 on 4th lvl 100 9 free spaces

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    We're on 23/27 if you want to join us 214 565 642

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