I cant get past build the gun shop


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Thread: I cant get past build the gun shop

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    mandy in the future you can post this kind of needed materials post in the section meant for that in the ADD ME section at the bottom on this forum...you'll get a lot more response
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    this is real simple... there are no crime city forum moderators... i have never represented i was nor do i aspire to be an "expert uber helper" if you want to listen fine.. if not... fine too....if you don't want help say so... bunch of new stuff so it's a learning experience for me too...

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    Gun Shop

    Hi you need to consult an expert on business if you want to be successful for building a gun shop business. Visit Kentucky there's a lot of gun shop owner to give you advice.
    To run a successful gun shop the prospective owner should carry out a great deal of research prior to anything else. For more information about gun shop visit Kentucky.

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    add me im always on and will deck out ur hood with u.

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    if you are dumb enough to pay $110,000 for a machete or $3,100,000 for a freakin chainsaw then this game is for you! I got my chainsaw at home depot for $200 on sale but that's just me... good luck in this game the dumber you are the further you'll go!

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