Timing of Next WD Event


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Thread: Timing of Next WD Event

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    Timing of Next WD Event

    Did anyone else notice the next WD is not over Labor Day? Nice!

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    Whats labor day ?

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    Might want to Recheck you Calendar.....
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    Labor Day is September 1st 2014 in the USA.

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    GREE has ZERO concern on which days WD events fall.

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    Gree games have a 2 year life span. First 6 months gets you hooked then they start the squeeze. After 12 months they start flushing it down the toilet. It's much easier to drive all your players out then try and compensate those who have spent heaps when you decide to turn the server off. They just released another new version of the same basic concept.

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    Gree is 2 for 3 in hitting major U.S. holidays so far this year. But wait....the year is not over yet. At the current pace we have WD over Thanksgiving weekend (sigh)
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