I am looking for a merger with a faction that has from 15 to 22 members and who are interested in joining a growing faction. No gold required and only active players will be accepted. Finished 562 last WD with just a few members active. If interested please let me know. First come first serve basis so don't waste any more time. See below:

NOMADS (734 997 004) we are currently recruiting motivated members. Many bonuses, which will be posted at the bottom of this message. Available spots right now are 18. No gold required but must have line to communicate. If interested to join a friendly, fun faction please reach me on line at ace2618. No one will be admitted until they have line. DL currently at 725 Mil attack.


Casualty Rate +5%
Health Regen Max
Ground Attack +15%
Air Attack +5%
Infantry Attack Max
Ground Defense Max
Air Defense Max
Sea defense +25%
Building Defense Max
Building Output +20%
Guild Member Increase +24