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Thread: Looking for active players!

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    Looking for active players!

    Looking for a faction to join? Look no more!
    Join us in (FU2) 957010731
    US timezone preferred, but not a requirement.
    ALL defense bonuses, building output and HR at maximum!!
    Infantry Attack +30%
    Ground Attack +20%
    Air Attack +20%
    Sea Attack +15%
    Guild Increase +38 (58 total)
    If you're interested PM:
    Texasdog (Leader)
    Micke (co-leader)
    Faction killers United 2 (FU2)
    Groupme is mandatory!

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    active player ready to join

    Just left my faction for the pure fact that i was the only one competing out of 20 members and my back started to hurt from carrying them. Im a daily player looking to join an active faction that could use me...
    STATS FOR MY MINI: ALEX 965-209-218
    ATTK 4.5MIL
    DEF 4.7MIL
    LVL 42

    STATS FOR MY MAIN: ****WEED 813-193-655
    ATTK 7.3MIL
    DEF 8.2MIL

    i started playing a little over a month ago and im hooked, so if you could use and active player thats

    looking to grow i would greatly appreciate the pick up. thanks!

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