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    Join Murder Manifesto

    Come join a newly formed syndicate started by former members of top 100 syndicates. We are laid back, know the game and are trying to bring some fun back to it.

    If you are in a top 1000-1500 and want to move up we have a place for you. If you are in a higher ranked syn and are tired of all the rules and pressure we have a place for you also.

    Must be active but no minimum ip requirements right now and no gold use required. Our only requirements are cash donations for syn bonuses and groupme for communication. If any of this sounds good, stop by our groupme room or pm me on here.

    Anyone from a smaller syn that wants to get easy and normal raid boss final prizes come on by. We have plenty of room so you don't have to jump out.

    Murder Manifesto Recruiting Room'
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    Come join this drama free fun team!!

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