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  1. Another Quest, Another Problem: Hero's Challenge 3/5
  2. Members stuck between guilds!
  3. Black Feather Development Sketches (Cool)
  4. Game Crashing
  5. New building quest error
  6. Mod please help, funzio i.d. not working
  7. Developer note on LE set Limited Time Quest
  8. Raid boss health :
  9. 3/15 LTQ is broken
  10. Don't do this ****
  11. Raid boss quest reward wrong
  12. Mods please help, everything is gone!!!
  13. Honour point problems
  14. Search for Lost Isles (h)
  15. Will this have any impact on KA and its players?
  16. More Gree timer issues- Raid boss
  17. 730gems
  18. KA App "Update"... Breaks The Game!
  19. Do not upgrade! Developers pushed the wrong update !!
  20. Mods, Some Communication Will Be Helpful Here
  21. Will u GREE compensate my gems ???
  22. Search for Lost Isles Changes after Update!!
  23. Update coming soon to remove the server selector
  24. I haven't been able to get into the game since Friday!!!
  25. Good bye
  26. Gree where the update with our stats yo yo should we spend money cancel until you fix
  27. Warning everyone stats losing bonus during war
  28. What did you change with the CP algorithm???
  29. No matchup since 20 min
  30. No war, matching since 30 min and still waiting
  31. "A Last Uprising" Quest - Bug?
  32. Annexing Lost Isles
  33. Guild Guardian defensive health regeneration!?
  34. question about war rewards
  35. CoK: Lost Isles Winners List!
  36. Important Clarification (Gree App Confusion)
  37. Mods/Devs/Admins - Please Move The Vault Back
  38. Vote here if you want Vault to be moved back by developers
  39. +2 eb attack?
  40. Credit where credit is due
  41. Drunken Lullabies - LTB
  42. Golden Skulls Drop Rate??
  43. KA No Longer in NZ App Store, stuck with update
  44. Jumpers please help !!
  45. 5000000 quest up at once Thanks Gree!
  46. Unable to bank tsunami orbs
  47. Orbs dropped by Epic Boss not received
  48. Jumpers needed!!!!!!
  49. Who here remembers a time where 100k was called 'awesome stats'??
  50. Last push for 5/5. Hoppers needed
  51. Please give as a confirm button, gem usage by fault
  52. Jump to Day And Knights at 149-397-574
  53. Sunken treasure guild event 5/5 help needed
  54. The scam that is called GREE
  55. Whatever happened to the (H) indicator for Heroic units and items?
  56. 24 Hr LTQ Not Working
  57. epic boss timer messed up
  58. Boss cant be triggered
  59. Please help, my account was switched with someone else's account
  60. Raid boss icon up, but no quests in log?
  62. Raid Boss Icon
  63. The Vault placement: we'd really like to hear from you
  64. Best items/weapons/creatures?
  65. ORBS Drop Rate is TERRIBLE
  66. Dormant Guild
  67. Feature Request - multiple concurrent buildings
  68. Why have my stats dropped?
  69. Gree, Let's talk about Blood Beard - Why Lv 200 can't trigger?
  70. No confirmation e-mail from support
  71. So what others bonus can you think off for GREE to consider?
  72. Minimum level requirement for dark stone forge ltq?
  73. What's the purpose / benefit of hero armour?
  74. Dark Stone Armour will not equip warrior
  75. Old Gits need your help GREE
  76. Awesome changes coming with today's data deploy!
  77. The Vault will be moved back to the main menu in a future game update
  78. What is up with individual win prizes this war?
  79. Game transfer question
  80. Please help. Upgrade costs.
  81. MODS! Need help urgently with messed up account transfer.
  82. Why do you only get XP in the individual Conquering the cave war LTQ?
  83. Changing guild name????
  84. Fun gonna be 1st again after all these wars?
  85. Individual prize messes up again
  86. Boosted Stats Calculation
  87. CoK: Conquering the Cave Winners List!
  88. LTB is up, but can't build it
  89. Nomadic Goods - LTB
  90. Problems/Questions with New Quests and Epic Boss Event
  91. Please clarify
  92. WTF!!!!
  93. How can I get help on ticket that is now 35 days old?
  94. Home Guild for jumpers
  95. Epic boss, attack damage dropped
  96. Stats for raids messed up
  97. Guild Founders
  98. Glitch with boost building, please read
  99. New gltq...bug or?
  100. We hate drop quests and the unfair box opening rate
  101. Ha, ha, very funny, Gree
  102. Another glitch?
  103. Gree please fix drop based ltq
  104. Lost Wares Quest...
  105. To Gree - Collection of Wares - It is NOT working as intended - here is the FIX!
  106. Units and equipment worthy of IPH.
  107. Do you need help on Current ltq 3/5 and 4/5
  108. PLG Wall-E Hacker Bot and Hacked Potions
  109. Can't access the Raid Boss
  110. Guild roster problem. Need help ASAP
  111. Guild donation issue(bug)
  112. level cap raised
  113. Stats fluctuating when entering the game
  114. Wanderlust LTQ Question
  115. CJ, please help
  116. Vault Size......why is it still going up?
  117. WHAT ARE OUR STATS? War is 5 days away!!!!!
  118. Raid boss lament
  119. Why ? Please not two guild quests at the same time
  120. Nomadic Traders display issue will be fixed in next game update
  121. Can't transwer game to new ipad, but Modern War transferred?
  122. Data Usage - Admin Please Read
  123. Extreme Data Issues From GREE's Server for 3G Users!
  124. When purchasing guild building cost bonus, percentage only increased 4%. Why?
  125. 24 hour war?
  126. The Joke War.
  127. Matching Times
  128. Game transfer problem
  129. True stats
  130. Losing to weeker players
  131. Hackers take over war
  132. Funeral Bells Ringing For Kingdom Age / GREE At Last?
  133. Tadaaah, Can we get specific dates for Events for KA like other GREE Titles?
  134. Individual War Rewards
  135. Time for a change
  136. Are you kidding me???
  137. Glade Sniper?? Where did he come from
  138. defeat Lillian Woodwraith: Legendary ???
  139. ****attention gree**** (tadaah please read)
  140. Guild Quests not Appearing
  141. Blairthorne treasures issue --gree please fix
  142. Epic boss issue -- gree please fix
  143. Dumb Questions about Potions and Farming Potions
  144. Open a box, get a orb?
  145. Where are you
  146. Box event swindle
  147. Tadaah - Plelse tell us about the new Tree House Building Quest
  148. Tree Fort - LTB
  149. Lillian Woodwraith event - 6 or 7 days ?
  150. Reason to quit or not?
  151. Upcoming war issue
  152. What Is The Point In Playing Anymore?
  153. 100m def for each tree in LTB . Seriously GREE?
  154. 10/10 Guild Quest
  155. New update set your magic boost back!
  156. Why Gree changed time for events for UK
  157. Earth Runes -- shows active
  158. Vault upgrade costs
  159. Summer Harvest Kit
  160. Offers and watching videos...
  161. One guild - two founder - and no help from Gree support
  162. REQUEST for Conquest of Kings Nomadic Encampment ranking
  163. Gree is rife with mistakes...
  164. Horrible lag with the current LTQ?
  165. Thorn Valley Beginner
  166. Thorn valley timer issue.
  167. Jumpers wanted for ironbark sapling
  168. Thorn Valley Beginners
  169. Hey Gree, why not figure out how to keep things from going back to full health
  170. Day 3 of Thorn Valley still not appeared
  171. New tree houses won't load
  172. Can we get rankings for last war please
  173. box event link goes to raid boss
  174. Ironbark chest gone?/issue
  175. Summer Solstice just came up in my quests with raid boss as well got to be a joke
  176. New type of quest 3 single days each - i like it
  177. Poison Root orbs drop
  178. 0% orbs drop this must be a new low
  179. Orbs where art thou!!!
  180. Gree - The Orb Issue Again - We've Been Through This.
  181. A plague of locusts, or maybe some other bugs?
  182. Not that it will matter, but here's why mobs are going to full health sometimes
  183. Orb of the ancients?
  184. When can we have a new weapon
  185. Atack Vs Defense = less point this war?
  186. wrong defense in battle screen
  187. I didn't receive my individual reward
  188. Tahaaada - Here a start on the 14 upcoming Quests can you fill in the blanks please
  189. Eventful weekend
  190. Boost not given for individual war prize- & iTunes support
  191. Looking for Fighters Guild
  192. Issues with current Epic Boss (Feedback)
  193. Unofficial Ranking List - Deforesting the Hollow
  194. Next quests?
  195. Defense
  196. Overgrown Den - LTB
  197. Balancing the game for new players
  198. Current runes LTQ
  199. Tapjoy sale on gree games
  200. Pve attack damage
  201. Question about the divine Paladin heroic raid boss unit
  202. False advertising: Event Jungle Runes
  203. Issue with my user id - poor support from GREE so far
  204. Idea, sandbox mode
  205. Support
  206. Is there an issue with the Tree Fort defense not reflecting in stats properly?
  207. The vault is back!!!
  208. Free Gems Gone?
  209. Problems Donating to my Guild After the New Update
  210. New KA update messed up
  211. 3/10 Lost Huntsman Quest
  212. Lag and crashes
  213. Any honor or potion type events coming up? tadaaaha could you check please
  214. Don't normally complain but....
  215. Proposal To Increase Communication and Solve Free Gold/Gems Issues
  216. Better rewards for Heroic.
  217. Can't get current datA set to load
  218. Individual leader board not updating?
  219. Points and hits are not registering in war !!
  220. Thank you for the battle health potions
  221. Anyone notice the Funzio startup screen...
  222. Danger Ahead - XP depending on player level??
  223. Please can you tell us when Raid Boss starts?
  224. Technical issue? No raid boss icon
  225. Health % Increase Boost Not Working
  226. Wrong Boost showing for collect 10 prize "Wasteland Minotaur"
  227. Raid boss attack tadaaah you may chime in .
  228. Raid boss icon not displaying active indicator.
  229. Golden Orbs for Sale
  230. Unranked guild members(raid boss)
  231. Unstable since recent patches
  232. List of guilds actively jumping
  233. With with raid boss.
  234. No way to report members who are obvious apologists/employees of Gree
  235. Huge Invisible Defense Boost once you attack a rival!
  236. Are raid boss units and honor stackable?
  237. Account stolen !!! Please help !!!
  238. Can Gree supply me with Raid Boss Guild Points?
  239. Energy randomly disappearing and reappearing
  240. Very quite, everyone havering a good war?
  241. Next 3 Day war only 10 days away???
  242. Gree running out of ideas?
  243. MoC. Anyone out there?
  244. Conquest Attack Bonus NOT working???
  245. Why when a quest says active can't it start
  246. Quit putting bloody chance crap as part of larger wrapper quests!
  247. Rogue Gardens - LTB
  248. Game crashing??
  249. Tree Forts
  250. Is support reintstating accidentally sold income buildings any longer?