View Full Version : Blister foot Bog Trials: Heroic quest has DISAPPEARED !! URGENT

Officer Overlord
02-15-2015, 04:57 AM
Please MODS can you help,

Since updating my device the Blisterfoot Bog Trial : Heroic quest has disappeared from the indivual Quests list,
I had completed the Guild 5/5 but still only on 4/5 of Ind part, now it's gone so if I complete the Ind part it should also complete the Heroic part, with that now not showing will I miss out on the reward?

Please look into this ASAP as a lot of people will be having this same issue..


Officer Overlord
02-15-2015, 05:01 AM
I've reinstalled the game the quest has reappeared in my individual list BUT it shows I've not completed the guild part now!! And we have as it's no longer displayed in the guild quest part..

Come on guys sort this mess out.....

02-15-2015, 05:37 AM
This is the same issue as last trials gLTQ. It's not the update that is the problem. It's the chest that is awarded. If you open it the green tick disappears. GREE needs to fix it. Also it's 2/10 prize on legendary epic boss.

02-15-2015, 05:54 AM
Glad i finished last night now before gree had chance to screw up again :cool:

02-15-2015, 08:00 AM
There are also bog chests handed out on the current gLTQ, Bog waste. Theres a chest on 9/15, but also on some other level, not sure of which though, but it was earlier than 9/15.

When you get another bog chest, the guild part in heroic trial quest will show finished once again. Finish the indi part so heroic will finish before you open the chest.

Officer Overlord
02-16-2015, 03:08 AM
Thank you for the info Vixia, BUT would still be nice if a MOD could answer or even put it right within the game...

Come on Mod's get off your backsides, stop partying with our Gem money and sort out this damn game....

Thank you very much...����

02-16-2015, 05:00 AM
Yes you're absolutely right! We shouldn't have to guess whether we can open a box or not, in case a quest doesn't finish if we do. This is the second cycle we have this problem. It ought to be fixed for the coming cycles.

Officer Overlord
02-16-2015, 05:49 AM
My guild finished 9/15 Heroic and got the Bog chest...
This then updated the Individual part of Heroic quest and I've just completed the Ind Trials too and got the Heroic Reward...
So all happy in the end, just could have been more user friendly by game makers doing there job properly....

Lord Vyper
02-16-2015, 07:39 AM
Could any mod please check this? I have several members in my guild with this issue and it shouldn't be our task to find a work around. We finished the guild trials and they should get the reward they worked for. Thx!

Team Zuma
02-16-2015, 10:11 AM
My guild finished the trials quest and I got the check mark for completion. Then I opened the chest. Big mistake. Check mark is gone!! Please fix this before the individual quest is over!!! I put in a ticket

02-17-2015, 12:35 PM
I've lost the guild checkmark on my Blisterfoot Bog Trial Heroic too. It's also happened to 3 others that I know.

Lord Vyper
02-18-2015, 03:31 AM
Several members in my guild opened the box and lost the guild checkmark that way. Only answer from Gree-'support': To bad you open it nothing we can do....

Come on gree.... That can not be. They worked for the reward, some used gems to finish the trials. There was no where written that we are not allowed to open the box. You did the same mistake in the last cycle and some of our members really thought that you have fixed this problem. Please help!!!

02-18-2015, 04:23 AM
Yes, poor show Gree.

Assault and Flattery
02-18-2015, 11:55 AM
Hey guys,

Please write into support about the issue and they will give you an additional Bog Chest. Please do not open it until you have completed the goal chain, as it is necessary for completion. We are aware this is not ideal, and will work to prevent this issue going forward. Thanks for understanding.

Whuz Ur Daddy
02-18-2015, 05:07 PM
lol, I wish it was that easy. I wrote to Gree about this issue several times and still they can't seem to get it right. Either send us a bog chest or give us the damn prize. It's not rocket science

Lord Vyper
02-19-2015, 01:16 AM
Would be great to get any answer from our mods here please! At least something like we are working on it....

02-19-2015, 06:44 AM
This is the answer I got back from my sent in ticket, also attacked was a screen shot showing my completion of the individual with it checked on the Blisterfoot Bog Trials Heroic but the guild portion is unchecked even though my guild finished it...

"Thank you for contacting support for Kingdom Age about this bug with the Blisterfoot heroic guild trials. Please accept our apologies for this frustration. Our engineers are investigating this issue now. We will get this bug corrected as soon as we possibly can. Any progress you achieve will be credited!

Thank you for your patience!"

02-19-2015, 10:25 AM
Yea, I believe that. I sent a ticket to GREE just today I guess I was living in the dark so I opened all my big chests like an idiot, should have known this isn't the first time.

02-24-2015, 09:23 AM
Can Clementine or another Gree personnel see to it that all tickets in relation to the heroic quest are completed PRIOR to the war that starts tomorrow. To do without a TEMPORARY bonus on a Gree programming mistake that was not only made this time but last cycle, puts these players (myself included) at a disadvantage. If you would like my ticket information please PM me. I don't know how many are in the same boat as me but I shouldn't be penalized for opening chests quickly.

02-24-2015, 12:27 PM
What was the final prize for the individual portion and the heroic wrapper on this. I want to make sure I got credit for finishing both.

Charli DW
02-26-2015, 10:06 AM
I'm still waiting for GREE to fix this.. By the time it's fixed the unit will be useless.. 20% conquest Att for this war is no use to me in a weeks time.!!! I could however buy the bog chest for 900 gems.. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.. I completed the quest requirements.. GREE it's your turn to honor the rules and regulations you so often remind us of .. Now it's time to practice what you preach .!!!

02-26-2015, 10:54 AM
CHarli: I feel your pain. I have 3 accounts missing because i chose to open the bog chest when i got it