View Full Version : Again, I must offer prose praise for Gree.

03-23-2015, 12:08 PM
Gree, I offer you my most exalted, enthused praise.
No wait, ebullient, jubilant, effusive, and sincere praise.

Well, you have managed to wipe away MOST of the negative feelings that have welled up over the fall and winter moinths (across the Northern Hemisphere) with one very massive, clever, and risky move.
You set this up perfectly with the removal of equipment.
Equipment was welcomed, for the most part, by those I'll call the Lilliputians.

The other group in this tale are the giants. Giants hated equipment, because it suddenly allowed the Lilliputians to attack them.
You slowly acquiesced to cacophonous cries of the giants.
Meanwhile, the Lilliputians began to whine, whimper, and howl.

You seemingly studied the situation, took your time, and released the latest boss.
However, prior to the boss you rolled out GOLD DEFENSE and ATTACK buildings.
Many wondered why those buildings one day appeared, unannounced and unexplained.

Well, the latest release explains it all, good on you, Gree; once more a stroke of, dare I say it, yes I will, GREEnius.

The Lilliputians are scrambling and tapping their tiny fingers bloody to beat that big old boss.
On the other hand, the giants must buy those sweet GOLD BUILDINGS to help preserve their positions.
But, but, but, those sweet GOLD BUILDINGS have another advantage, they also boost the atatck side, while boosting the defense side.

Gree, you're headed in the right direction.
Well, if that is truly where you wish to head.
Its your game, your call, but you are showing the tappers that you DEW take certain criticisms and concerns to heart.

Well, just wanted to say thanks for your latest efforts, Gree.
I've been one of your harshest critics over time, but if you convince me by your deeds to praise you, others are jumping for joy.
Gotta run, Gree, bosses are waiting, thanks for listening to us Lilliputians. LOL