View Full Version : Palanquero Base (Leaderboard Event)

[PM] President Hightower
07-27-2016, 03:18 PM

Operational Dates:
2016-07-27 15:00:00PM PST - 2016-07-30 14:00:00PM PST

Mission Details: Palanquero Base
A new mission brief has arrived! Palanquero Briefcases are being found around the world. Find and search these cases to obtain the specified number of Palanquero Key Cards within 3 days to earn rewards but only the top ranked soldiers who claim the most maps to the lost city can earn the following rewards:

Leaderboard Rank Rewards:

Top 1
Palanquero SEA 300
+45% Sea Defense
ATK: 771,894,890
DEF: 771,894,889

Top 3
Palanquero MARPAT
+25% Ground Attack
ATK: 751,949,126
DEF: 640,549,255

Top 5
Palanquero Heavy Transport
+20% Air Attack
ATK: 533,719,002
DEF: 707,487,980

Top 10
Palanquero SWAT Stormer
+18% Infantry Defense
ATK: 653,949,350
DEF: 435,966,234

Top 25
Palanquero Night Runner
+16% Sea Attack
ATK: 544,402,028
DEF: 394,222,158

Top 50
Palanquero MLRS
+14% Ground Defense
ATK: 456,653,017
DEF: 330,679,770

Top 150
Palanquero Gunship
+12% Air Attack
ATK: 292,579,039
DEF: 343,462,350

Top 250
Palanquero Sentry
+10% Infantry Defense
ATK: 290,849,994
DEF: 193,899,997

Speed Objectives:
For soldiers who go above and beyond the call of duty with their speed, the following two rewards can be obtained during this mission.

Speed Run
Palanquero Denizen
+15% Infantry Attack
ATK: 819,752,373
DEF: 569,658,428
20 Tokens within 36 hours

Speed Run [Ultimate]
Palanquero Ranger
+30% Ground Attack
ATK: 750,281,833
DEF: 639,128,968
40 Tokens within 35 hours

Unit Collection Objectives:
For soldiers who go above and beyond the call of duty with their perseverance in rallying more units, the following three rewards can be obtained during this mission.

Event: Palanquero Base (1/3)
Palanquero Viper
+4% Air Defense
ATK: 199,148,881
DEF: 263,988,053

Event: Palanquero Base (2/3)
Palanquero S12 Assault
+7% Infantry Defense
ATK: 432,261,138
DEF: 339,633,752

Event: Palanquero Base (3/3)
Palanquero Research Ship
+10% Sea Defense
ATK: 432,261,138
DEF: 648,391,707

Legacy Units
Legacy units are located in the following areas of this mission. These units are beneficial for soldiers who have missed out on the opportunity to obtain these powerful units. Please note if you already own them, these bonuses will not stack.

Aesir Sky-Master
+3% Air Attack
4 Tokens

UltraMag T90C
+5% Alliance Attack
7 Tokens

American Hero Sea-Reaver
+10% Alliance Attack
11 Tokens

Metro Assault Tank
+12% Ground Defense
14 Tokens

CIS Strike Commander
+5% Alliance Defense
16 Tokens

Fuego C1 Ariete
-5% Health Regen Time
20 Tokens