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01-17-2012, 02:55 AM
Assuming the new heavier losses are here to stay, I'm interested to know what way people are playing the game now. I've just done my daily visit to some of my allies for the 25000 and notice several seem to be ranking up quickly again after a few days of stagnation.

For my own part I'd been expanding my base along with loot farming and the occasional attack to check the balance was still the same.

I'm level 56 with 9k attack and 10k defense. I was attacked twice overnight, won both times but lost unreported units, which is annoying. Coupled with 4 attacks I made this morning to finish a mission I'm down 16 units from last night. With the number of fights needed for my current missions I'm probably losing more valor than I can gain, never mind the cost of bought units. Finding people with large unprotected amounts of cash to attack is proving difficult too, to cover my losses I need to get at least 100,000 a hit to make it worthwhile.

So at the minute i'm levelling up mostly on the xp from loot farming, but it's just too uninvolved a way to play long term. Looking at the losses I'm taking I reckon overall my valor level will go down if I keep attacking and as the units I can buy to replace the valor ones are less strong my attack and defense scores will be hard to maintain, but then this applies to everyone else too so it may balance out.

So I'd like to know what strategy others are finding effective now?

chuck norris
01-17-2012, 06:41 AM
LOAD up on cheap units. Try to make sure if your gonna lose units, it's gonna be cheap ones. Go for high or very high loss, and empty your vault. Problem for some people is they have mostly mid ranhe units, so fighters and rangers actually Arent called into the fight. Snipers for you then maybe??? For most people, fighters and rangers would be good Fighters are 3 to 1, and at $4000 that's a relatively affordable loss. Relatively. Yoi can stock up on em pretty quick if your income is $75k or plus.

I'm level 32 and not interested in missions yet, as that would make me level faster. So missions aren't an option. Also, withouth PVP, this game is an utter wase of time and a complete bore. If I play, I play against people. So attack I must. Of my 600 active units, 500 are rangers and fighters. I'm still losing Hornets though. I still manage to have strengths of 3300/5800. I will plan to lay siege to funzio until they start dishing out credits of valor points. I'm getting my mind set on that. They are calling it a bug still at this point, and as long as they do I will purport that we absolutely deserve reimbursement.

If you're a higher level player and prepared to level, try to pick a mission with low XP and high cash return. And stock up on medics or ambulances.

Have a happy unit losing day!

Agent Orange
01-17-2012, 08:16 AM
I think the only answer is to turtle, for non gold buyers you are always screwed so the trick is to be cagey and try to drop off the radar screen. In that respect the problem with casualties is a good thing for weak players trying to get out from under the barrage so that might actually be a good thing for some.....

01-17-2012, 09:47 AM
I have sat back and just done PvE and cash expansions for a day or so, since I was losing more valour units than even the Goal missions would pay out.

An thinking that the problem may have arisen from only having strong units from valour/loot and weak units from cash. Don't even mind losing high level cash units as they can be replaced in time, it is just the continual valour losses for limited return that have plagued me.

Will try levelling up my unit buildings tomorrow and getting cash units at all levels to see if that reduces the valour losses to a level where I at least break even. I had become reliant on them and was consistently growing for little risk, do dies make sense for it to be nerfed.

01-17-2012, 10:01 AM
Ok, just went back told old tactic. All losses were as expected (few grand per attack, most enemies had sufficient vaults)

Valour for completing goal meant that it was all worth it.


A.) Excessive losses have been toned back
B.) I have sufficiently rebalanced that my valour units have enough cover from equivalent cash units
C.) There never was a problem at level 38 and I was just overanalysing a few random high level unit losses

That said, a non-Goal attack would still be unprofitable, raiding probably the same.

Edit: experiment repeated. Lost 25 valour and at most $100k of units in 8 attacks. Gained 500+ valour. Shiny. No issues here for these tactics.

01-17-2012, 02:56 PM
Thought I'd compare this at level 57 against your level 38 Flipmode. I've just tried 5 attacks against the weakest player I could find who met the needs for my current valor challange to test out real losses, as Chuck correctly guessed my "throwaway" units are snipers, anything lower and the game chooses to bring weak attack strong defense units into battle. So 9675 attack v 2160 defense produced these losses.
sniper, avenger
2 x amphibious trooper
amphibious trooper, sniper
gign, amphibious trooper

so 300 valor loss 30,000 cash loss, 4 amphibious troopers. The amphibious troopers cost 92 energy each, otherwise loot farming for cash I estimate 92 is worth 35000-40000, or say 150000 total.
so to do the full run of 20 it's about 1200 valor and 720000, for a return of 600ish valor and a few hundred xp.

My attack dropped from 9675 to 9629 from the losses too.

It's not catastrophic but not that attractive either, so I'm afraid I'm in the PVE camp and defend grouping for now. The only question left is will adding more allies and increasing defense be a good thing or will it just bring me onto the radar more, I'm inclined to sit tight with units and allies in reserve and only increase allies to bring them into battle if under siege.

My thinking is if attacked win or lose I'll probably lose 2-3 units per attack, regardless of the strength of the opponent. If nobody's attacking me I'm hopefully off the radar so I won't rock the boat and build in the background. If under attack constantly then I'll change something and increasing defense as a deterrent is the most obvious one. In the past I've done this by adding active allies in small batches of 5 to 10 at the time to see what happens, but only doing this if I have decent defense units to equip them with. I think this gives more options than maxing out allies all the times but whether it really helps I don't know.

01-17-2012, 08:37 PM
My strategy:

01-18-2012, 04:15 AM
Looks like the high casualty rate is going to stay.
Nothing much u cn do rlly except to camp n upgrade ur money building full blast.
For a non gold plyr,u still hv to keep attacking in order to get valor as valor unit is ur only chance to at least compete with other gold unit plyr.
Wht i do now is before i level up, i try to save at least 1 mil so tht i can replace all the unit tht i'm going to lose when i do the pvp mission. My attck army consists lots of warthog, chinook,sniper n hawk drone( i know, am trying to get them not included in attck, hv to get 100 more warthog to achieve tht)
So it's pretty costly when i strt attcking. Just hv to live with it. Coz it's too boring just doin pve n loot farming.

Current lvl: 49
Income: 110k ish