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honest Abe
08-04-2013, 10:12 PM
Ferr, since my question remains unanswered in at least two closed threads, ill ask it again (your first answer which is below dodged the meat of it).  This is not a flame, and I am asking it in most straightforward and respectful manner.

I understand and respect that position and i have never questioned your personal ethics in this game. quite the contrary, i have always found you personally to be upstanding. I do not believe that has changed.  That said and putting aside a large chunk of what we have all seen, id like to address one specific part of it which should bother you as much as me. there was clear time lapse evidence on a certain individual. Such individual was invited to participate with your team and did. At a minimum, please illuminate for us as to whether there was any mistake in interpretation of the time lapse and why your team would associate with him and what you are doing about it. I'm sure it bothers you as much as the rest of us as you, like I and others, have spent significant sums of money as you have rightly pointed out on this game. 

Lastly, please answer the real question for everyone as to whether or not these screenshots were altered.  I do not care about the fingerpointing, who did it or why.  A simple yes or no will do just fine. 

Thank you in advance for your veracity on the subject.


Originally Posted by Ferr 
Honest Abe, if I reveal what has happened with these screenshots I accuse others, which I have never done and will not do. What needs to be realised here is that very serious money is involved. My faction and I are, lets say not popular by a small group for what we try to do in this game. Please, dont fall for it.

08-04-2013, 10:16 PM

Note the forum rules. Creating thread after thread calling out folks for any various reason is not allowed. Have an issues, contact support. And when you do please provide all the information you can.