View Full Version : My pre warly address vol.3

08-09-2013, 08:52 AM
Well its been another weird and wonderful buildup to this world domination event. we can safely say its been eventful. but what really made this buildup eventful were 3 things really...

1. the global hit list ltq.

Possible the best (dare i say it) ltq pve ever so long you had prestaged most of the maps. the units were great and that final reward was certainly juicy and epic. i had never gone so far (mapwise) on any ltq and i had only prestaged up to i think the high mountain village yet made it to the bomb maker compound. i loved it and i give it a massive thumbs up. make this a monthly thing plz gree...

2. Ferr's hacking issues and the twitter rampage.

the screenshots placed on twitter accusing members of Ferr's Emperors as hackers and the following forum "debate" is a bit clouded for me. i missed the whole damn thing of course and had to play catch up. But im sure it was a "healthy discussion" between the parties involved.

3. Early release of the next LE building.

Well...nuff said in the title.

4. Collect 10 crate event.

If all these collect ten crate events keep gaining in power at the rate they are...then there are gunna be some major strong llp players knocking on our doors soon. I believe that in a year or so we will have a player (legit) with 150k stats at lv 30...GOLD FREE!!!!!

Gree still needs to fix a lot of bugs like missing gold and unit awards from a certain ltq a good few wars ago and the massive number of people exploiting gaps in the anti hacking net...but on the whole if these war buildups are like they where then im kinda pleased to be playing the game now. no game is perfect, but i hope Modern War can become pretty much perfect...one day...

Finally good luck to all factions out there competing for their prized pixels. Special shout out to the Killer Tomatoes. i feel they're gunna finally crack top 1000. well done sup1 for winning too, unless Ferr can pull of a miracle but in all honesty, im sure i know whoz gunna win.

Good luck, god bless, and remember to have fun. thats why we are here, isnt it?