View Full Version : MobNectar is searching for recruits to help us break top 500!!

02-20-2014, 06:01 AM
[LEFT][CENTER]We are MobNectar, a growing syndiacte composed of daily active players. We are looking for experienced players over level 40 who are active and can embrace a team mentality. We require donations of 2x income per hour, and 2 bricks + 2 uzis daily. We use the app Line to communicate during battle and this is mandatory. So far, our bonuses include:

Fight Respect Payout + 15%
Jobs Payout +5%
Car Defense +25%
Building output + 25%
Melee Def +25%
Gun Def +25%
Armor Att +5%
Armor Def + 20%
Explosive Def + 10%
Building Def +20%
Hideout health +5%

Our Invite Code is 566110572. Come be part of the crew!