View Full Version : Akp 214 - fighting for top 250 - 1 slot vacant for active player who wants new home

03-10-2014, 05:40 AM
**AWESOME AKP: Currently 214 with 1.33Mil Influence** Come & Join Our Family


***AWESOME AKP: Were Ranked 285 / Currently Ranked 214 - Jumped 530 Places in 3 Battles! *** Come & Join the Best Family Around!

AKP: All Knight Possee Top 250 Lookin 4 Strong Active Players 2 Join Family & Keep us Moving Towards The Top!

We've Fought From Top 1200-Top 300 in arnd 4-5 Months, No Mergers & No Hand Outs!
We've Done All This, On Our Own and used Comms App for 1st Time, last Battle Event!

We've achieved this because we're Organised!

We're got a very good, motivated, organised crew and are looking for strong members to join our Family.
All Military Welcome - Always a Good Home in AKP Family for Serving Members & Vets!

The Family is Very Loyal & Almost Complete!

Always looking for additional 'quality' members, to help take us towards Top 100..

*** Level 15 Minimum *** Stats at 25K per Level Min *** 1.5 million Att/Def Min ***
Genuine Active Players Only - Freeloaders will not be tolerated & are pruned regularly.

AKP Leader: +200 Level Player with Stats over 4.8 Million
Current Defence Leader has stats over 8 Million & actively looking for Stronger DL.

93 Bonuses Bought to Date (Defence Maxed Out, Now Concentrating on Attack Bonuses)

***Join 'All Knight Possee' Today*** PM ME 4 Code & to Discuss Stats/Tactics & see if we're compatible!
Players must participate in Boss Fights and Battle Wkds and follow our easy guidelines.

We're Friendly, 100% Active and have increased our Ranking consistently, over the past few events.

Battle Events:
Bay Harbour Beach: 285 All Knight Possee 1,167,504 (increased points by over 200K)
Seaside Shoot-Out: 379 All Knight Possee 960,446 (increased points by over 550K)
Nightlife District: 748 All Knight Possee 409064 (increased points total by over 60K)
Clubbin District: 838 All Knight Possee 340384 (increased points total by over 50K)
Financial District Fallout: 875 All Knight Possee 285681 (with 1/2 Active Members of Graveyard)
Graveyard Rampage: 798 All Knight Possee 288,632
Boardwalk Bash: 805 All Knight Possee 294,116
West Side Stand-Off: 1106 All Knight Possee 131745 (with about 5 low level players + strong leader)

Syndicate Events:
48 Hr Beachfront Throwdown PvP Event... 14/14 Completed within 36 hours!
Adhira Banduka Raid Boss: EASY Completed in 25 Hours / REGULAR Completed 36 Hours
Stopped ELITE at 21/27 & Farmed!
Epic Boss - 5 Golden Hoes Earnt (4 Hours Max) / 100 Kills achieved by 85% of Members
Red Brick Raid Boss: EASY completed in under 3 hours / NORMAL - 22/22 under 48 hrs
ELITE - 21/27 Ran Out of UZIs for Elite Goals but did a bit of Farming
StanFa SLTQ: 17/20 - Stopped due to ridiculous amount of LTQs being run...
Smokey Skids Raid Boss Event: EASY Completed in Under 3 Hours / NORMAL completed in under 3 days
ELITE: 23/27 with 23 hours remaining. Then 'farmed' + assisted other Syndicates.
Cole Black Epic Boss Event - 6 Ho-Ho Suits earnt / 100 Kills achieved by majority of Members

93% of Members over 1.5 Million, Majority over 3 Million; remaining members close to achieving this milestone. Over 90% of Members have stats of at least 25K per Level; Over 60% Have Stats Of 40K per level or Higher.

Strong active players based in US, UK, Europe & Oz/Asia; plus a few other places, so, good worldwide coverage for Battle Wkds.

Very reasonable donation levels & all funds ploughed back into increasing Bonuses/Syndicate Hideouts.

Used GroupMe for 1st Time in Bay Harbour Beach; it's useful but, not essential!
We won't pressure you to Download anything Or Buy Gold!
All Our Info Can Be Passed via In Game Forum...

Join an Alliance with a proven track record, that's going places fast, under it's own Steam and where you'll have plenty of opportunities to shine & grow with us!

Promotion is always available to All Active Players, who contribute to Syndicate Goals!