View Full Version : infected misfits 203 PERU has openings!

Misfit of Honor
07-12-2014, 02:14 AM
TOP 250 - infected Misfits of Honor - has openings!
Faction Code 811546231
Our faction of solid and experienced players is soaring up the ranks quickly...
Soon to be TOP150 - if you would like to share this experience with us,
apply to our faction now - Active Daily players only...
Reply to this thread or message me here on Funzio for more information!

Mongolia - 824
Armenia - 669
Zambia - 456
Greece - 323
Jakarta - 245
Indonesia - 255
Peru - 203
Zimbabwe - Top 150 is the goal

07-12-2014, 02:39 AM
Misfits????? Are you kiddin me lol

Misfit of Honor
07-12-2014, 05:53 AM
Misfits????? Are you kiddin me lol

uh... nope...

Misfit of Honor
07-12-2014, 03:16 PM
Misfits????? Are you kiddin me lol

i don't kid around...

Misfit of Honor
07-13-2014, 04:26 AM
we may be willing to talk merge...
are you saying our core of 30 merge with
your core of 30 to your faction shell?

Misfit of Honor
07-13-2014, 04:21 PM
would you be interested in coming over to our faction?

Misfit of Honor
07-14-2014, 04:54 AM
major esmoker from Order of British Empire... please delete some of your messages... so i can send you my response...