View Full Version : Missin' A Few Good Ones!!!

09-23-2014, 08:34 PM
We are Missin' In Action, a top 50/75 team that gets 50 wins and goes deep into streaks (last battle we got them all!). We play a game of patience, so if you love tapping then you will not like how we play!

We ranked 117 in SA, and got all syn goals completed. We complete RB, and sltqs unless they are insanely expensive (not this one).

We are looking for strong players who want to play with strategy and save money. Min stats is 600k x level for defense. Min ip for battle is 50k. We want active players who will work for syn goals first. Our chat is lively and sometimes veers in interesting directions, so if you are easily offended, then we will probably offend you.

We use line for syn chat and battle. Please come over and say hi! You can either PM me here, or, since I don't always check regularly, look me up on Line- my id is mamalioness.