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  1. Poll: To Helios

    You know Helios, you said the Asgardian doesn't really fit in the game, but I don't really see how your's does, it's more of an armor for an RPG like Skyrim or Runescape (too human-like and not...
  2. Sticky: Black Hole Battlegear

    Here's my first submission:
    Name: Black Hole Battlegear
    Elements: Spirit and wind
    Special effect: the rocks (black dots) around the weapon and shield spin around them. The rocks on the shield also...
  3. The dragon of the East

    (First design)
    Name: Dragon of the East/Seiryu
    Elements: spirit/air
    Armor name: Aegis of the (far) East
    Drop name: Eastern pearls
    The king of the...
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