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  1. Sticky: Epic Armor Submission #3

    I ran out of time to draw my third entry, but I will describe it here:

    Name: Mathematician's Wargear

    Elements: Any, no preferences

    The shield could be some sort of protractor or other...
  2. Sticky: Epic Armor Submission #2

    So, this is my second submission. Here we go:

    Name: Nocturnal Nightmail

    Element(s): Any, but Air/Water suggested

    Brainstorm pages:
  3. Sticky: Epic Armor Submission #1

    My sister wanted me to upload her entry for her, so here it is:

    Name: Crystal Warrior's Battlesuit
    Element(s): Spirit/Water

    First form:
    Second form:...
  4. Sticky: Terms and Conditions

    Anyone know how to submit verification for the Terms and Conditions? I'm a minor, so my guardian signed a paper, but who do I send it to?
  5. Sticky: Uploading images

    I think you have to create an account on imgur and upload the files to there. Then somehow include the link to the pic in your submission. Anyone have any more info than this?
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