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  1. Help me!

    So upsetting that I still haven't been able to down the level 15 epic boss... I have neglected leveling my armors (which I am fixing ASAP) but I even used 2 level 100+ friends and couldn't get level...
  2. Sticky: nice post

    Thank you for this information, gives me insight on how i should progress from where im at now.
  3. Thank you!

    Thank you for posting this!. So much very helpful information for noobs such as myself. I like this game and play almost non-stop haha. I need more friend though....
  4. Replies

    Add me please

    I'm new to the game but am addicted!! Add me please!

    Friend Code: XBD-GDC-VGM
    Knight's name: Charles
    Knight's level: 17
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