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  1. I'm pissed!

    I want to post a screenshot of my mini lvl 73 that has a gold sale 20% right now. I posted it in my faction groupme with frontline at 17hours. My main account where I typically spend money has no...
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    It's player appreciation month. Why would they do a gold sale?

    We offer 40% off occasionally, but there is no way we would do it during player appreciation month with all of the server issues etc. We will give you 2 free energy fills and you better like it.
  3. 250k attack and 340k defense

    I'm a relaxed player, but I've spent a lot on gold and been laying low in a 250 faction that keeps losing good players and in turn dropping out of 250. In my faction i have 256k attack and 340k...
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    need syndicate

    I'm level 35
    19k att/def with no bonuses.
    I know i will be close to 25k in another week.
    i have close to 20k iph.

    I am a daily active player and have a high modern war player.

    Let me know
  5. Need a syndicate

    I am level 35 and will be constantly building and progressing
    i have 19k attack and defense with no bonuses.
    I have close to 20k iph.
    I use gold lightly

    I have a high modern war player just...
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